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More Color More Pride - Hooded Blanket

Not posting a pic because this will be a gift for my fiancé. But the product looks pretty much what you see in the images (very vibrant colours)

The quality is top-notch. The inside is nice and fluffy and outer material is very smooth.

Definitely happy with this!

Sounds Fruity I'm In - Black Hoodie

My friends love this hoodie more than me LOL.
It's super simple, great threading and really cozy!

Sounds Fruity I'm In - Black Hoodie

Super simple and CUTE. I've never seen this phrase before, but just had to have it!

Sounds Fruity I'm In - Black Hoodie

My new fave hoodie! I wear it really often. I LOVE how the design is embroidered and not printed, so it will last a long time.

PawPride Cozzy - Black

We absolutely LOVE the design. I’m pretty sure I’ll have a ton of friends that want to place orders 😍

Safe Space (NEW)
Michael M.
Safe Space

Boyfriend & I got this for our new home. It looks better in real life!

The details of the artwork are immaculate. We get plenty of compliments.

DEFINETELY get the 18x24 or bigger. Artwork like this won't look as nice on a smaller size.

Safe Space

Super DOPE piece of artwork! LGBTQ+ themed with no crazy amounts of rainbow or cheesy phrases, which is exactly what my GF and I were looking for.

My phone pictures DO NOT do this artwork justice.


Great quality paper & print!

They did a really good job at capturing the little details of my kitten, Missy :) Can't wait to frame it!



Pastel Tie Dye

Love the pastel pride colours. The fit is pretty standard. The material is not too thin and not too thick. Just right :)

I really like how I was able to add my name on the inside, such a nice detail!

Pastel Tie Dye

Been wearing this a lot during lockdown afternoon walks and have got some nice compliments :)

I am black, so I REALLY like the black streak detail they added to the tie-dye.

PawPride Cozzy

I was hesitant on the price, but it's definitely worth it! Since I will be wearing it ALL winter long and on other cool days.

The material feels really great, not cheap at all.

The print quality of my pet and the rainbow heart is very crispy!

PawPride Poster Only + Digital File

I got the poster + digital file and I am IN LOVE.

My pup looks so, so cute. I can't wait to use the digital file to print my puppy on my mug!

Thanks Jamie!

PupPride Non-Custom Design

It’s soo cute and the outer material is soo silky! The artwork is crispy clear.

The inside is warm but not too warm. Just right. 

I love wearing this when I am WFH lol.

PawPride Portrait

I already have pet art, but I HAD to get one that's pride themed for my little boy Bluey, and it's abosolutely adorable!!!

I also noticed that the art is much more affordable compared to the other store I purchased from. But the quality is still awesome! :)

Love Makes a Family

I ordered this for my wife (she loves it), but I also wear it myself as well!

The custom engraving of our family, mahogany LED light box and the "message card" inside really helps make this necklace really special!

Love Makes a Family

Such a precious piece of jewellery! The LED light box also adds a great touch of class quality.

I engraved the names of my wife and I & the name of our son.

Team Pride Jersey


BU - Heart Pendant - LMAF I Swear I couldn't
Yasmin L.
Love Makes a Family

I like this more than my $100+ jewellery, it means a lot more. Also happy some profits are getting donated to the LGBTQ+ community!

Not Today Satan

Love the quality of the shirt and sweater!

Queer As Folk


Love Makes a Family

Affordable and the quality is still there! Can't wait to wear this and maybe even pass it down to my daughter ;)



Progressive Flag Blanket

My 2nd pride blanket, I'm from Canada so I need the extra warmth!

Lesbian Pride

The colours are vibrant and the quality is really great!

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