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Project X | Plus Project | The Allied Project (TAP)

Refer to Project X in Canva.

We are currently low-key working hard on a fun but HIGH IMPACT project that allows our community a unique way to give back....

We partner with charities and directly with members of our community. 

If you are interested and are someone who needs financial assistance for gender affirming surgery, medical debt, or are a college/community college student studying or completed a course related to medicine, health, law, psychology, teacher, firefighters etc) Please send email us HERE and if possible. Attach a link to anything that relates to you needing financial assistance. e.g. gofundme you currently have, proof of graduation, job credientials. PROJECT X.


Inspired by KAIZEN. Continues and incremental improvement. 

 Send funds through paypal with money raised.


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$1 from every purchase is evenly distributed across chosen charities.

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